Individuals at least 3 years old that have been diagnosed with severe/profound mental retardation may be admitted to Mur-Ci Homes. Parents or guardians are encouraged to visit and should contact Carla Sherman, Social Worker, at the center for a telephone interview. If there appears to be a fit, an application packet is mailed out to be completed. The Admission Committee reviews the application and makes a recommendation. Once all questions have been answered and observations made, if appropriate, the individual is placed on a waiting list.

The Homes

Individuals live in modern homes with a living room, dining room, family room, kitchen, office, bedrooms and bathrooms equipped with the features necessary for those with physical disabilities. A maximum of 8 individuals live in each home under the care of a House Manager and QMRP (Qualified Mental Retardation Professional). The QMRP is assisted by a 24×7 nursing staff, dietary services, developmental technicians, environmental services staff, and transportation specialists.


Computer and communications technology play a major role at Mur-Ci Homes in helping meet our mission of improving the quality of life for each individual while assisting them to reach their full potential. Throughout the facility all staff have access to a set of proprietary software tools developed and maintained by Eidetik. In addition to accounting, payroll and purchasing tools, the primary care giver systems used are:

  • Active Treatment Program – documents individual assessments and tracks progress towards set goals
  • Incident Management Program – documents adverse incidents allowing analysis and identification of root causes leading to improved safety
  • Nursing Program – tracks individual vital statistics, medication requirements, maps patterns, ongoing medical conditions, allergies, seizure activity, special diets, and a service plan for scheduling appointments with medical practitioners
  • Client Escrow – records and tracks individual’s personal funds used for clothing and entertainment

Day Programs

Custom designed day programs are developed for each individual. During the 5 day work week individuals travel with assistance to a separate facility. A staff nurse is available throughout the day. Activities include:

  • Field trips to parks, movies, concerts, circuses, zoos, pools
  • Training in the activities of daily living
  • Physical therapy
  • Crafts
  • Noon Meal
  • Scheduled visits to medical practioners

Special Events

Throughout the year special events are organized by the agency. Such events include religious and civic holiday dinners, picnics, birthday parties, etc. Volunteers and parents are especially welcomed to these events.