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The LPN has the primary responsibility for providing medical services, counseling, supervision and program plan implementation to clients during scheduled shifts.

Direct client care involves:


  1. Log all client medical occurrences (illness, injuries, reports of illness, etc.) in the clients’ medical logs. Documentation of an illness or injury must be made at least daily until the condition has resolved.
  2. Monitor and document client seizure activity and perform follow up as indicated on seizure plan of care and/or as dictated by program nurse and/or physician. Follow plan of care to administer prn seizure medication and contact emergency services as needed.
  3. Assure that the procedure for medication administration and documentation is clearly understood and implemented in full compliance with physician prescription, established policy and medication administration programming (if applicable). Request clarification and/or retraining from the program nurse immediately as needed.
  4. Complete and document weight and vital signs checks as indicated by the program nurse, physician, or health care plan.
  5. Chart other health related data as assigned.
  6. A completed medical fact sheet should be brought for the physician to sign. All follow-up information from the appointment is documented in medical logs and communicated to the program nurse and program manager.
  7. Perform respiratory therapy per health care plan for applicable clients after receiving training by the program nurse.
  8. Administer prescribed/prn medication intramuscularly as indicated in physician orders for seizures or other conditions.
  9. Evaluate, treat and document clients’ skin conditions as specifically indicated in health care plans.
  10. Monitor and maintain proper functioning of gastrostomy tubes, catheters, feeding tubes and pumps, and other client specific medical equipment.
  11. Take/transcribe telephone orders from physicians for client medical emergencies and other needs as they arise.
  12. Follow universal bloodborne precautions on a consistent basis.
  13. *Perform other medical duties as assigned by the program nurse.


  • 20 years or older
  • Licensed Practical Nurse with a current license for the State of Tennessee
  • Previous experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities is preferred but not required.
  • Must have valid Tennessee driver’s license