House Manager

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PRIMARY FUNCTION:       Supervise Developmental Technicians, and Job Coaches ensuring all aspects of the clients’ care are provided conscientiously and respectfully.


PERFORMANCE    REQUIREMENTS:  Must be able to read, write, make simple calculations and to follow oral and written directions.  Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS AND WORKING CONDITIONS:   Moderate lifting, pulling and pushing required.  Moderate data entry.  Work may be performed inside or outside of main building.  Mobility from one place to another is required.


  1. Ensure the scheduling of daily assignments for client care is in a manner that is fair; schedule activities and transportation in accordance to needs.
  1. Complete twenty-four hour schedules weekly and submit to QIDP for review.
  1. Make the bi-weekly staffing schedule, arranging to cover for staff vacation/leave. Submit as required. Notify staff of any last minute changes such as unexpected MOT as possible. Post schedule at least 2 weeks prior to start date so staff are aware.
  1. Communicate with DAC/DAS and to adequately cover first shift staffing needs for the Day Activity Center. Also monitor and assure client staffing for appointments and community jobs, retirement programs as indicated.
  1. Supervise safety, sanitation and infection control of the home, clients and staff.
  1. Correct and/or report any safety/sanitation violations immediately.
  1. Supervise staff to assure Active Treatment including data collection. Log staff as appropriate for missed data.
  1. Observe and report any accidents/incidents involving clients or staff.
  1. Utilize the communication log to inform staff of changes and events. Read and initial each entry and monitor that staff do as well.
  1. Promote work environment conducive to open communication.
  1. Attend house staff meetings, school related conferences, Interdisciplinary Team conferences and inservices as requested.
  1. Be knowledgeable of the clients’ programs and services objectives. Be able to demonstrate to DTs and also complete programs and services in the role of a DT.
  1. Maintain a spirit of cooperation and goodwill with people throughout the agency and in the community as a representative of the agency.
  1. Complete Shift Responsibility assignments for staff for each shift. Indicate specifically break times for staff, and alternate coverage for clients during breaks or outings. Assure staff are completing assigned responsibilities and follow up as needed.  (for example cleaning wheelchairs, appropriate outings, and other identified shift responsibilities).
  1. Complete timely staff performance evaluations thoroughly, as required.
  1. Participate in IDT meetings as appropriate.
  1. In conjunction with the QIDP, schedule, participate and attend staff meetings with staff.
  1. Participate in standing committee meetings as requested.
  1. Demonstrate a positive interest in relating to families, visitors of the clients and community agencies.
  1. Assure all required documentation is completed by staff on a daily basis.
  1. Approve leave requests/sick time for staff. Submit requests as required and within needed timeframes per payroll.
  1. Complete, conduct and file disciplinary actions as appropriate for assigned staff.
  1. Obtain materials and equipment to implement individual or group programs by submitting purchase orders and making purchases. Manage petty cash, client funds, and recreation funds  as appropriate.  Manage house supply budget. Reconcile petty cash funds monthly with the oversight of QIDP.
  1. Complete AOD duties as assigned.
  1. Act as needed Developmental Technician as needed to provide coverage for your home.
  1. Attend required inservice training.
  1. Assist QIDP in monitoring data books with appropriate contents including data sheets.
  1. Submit personal weekly work schedule to QIDP, Habitation Coordinator and the Receptionist on Thursday before the scheduled work week. Post for your staff in the home.
  1. Monitor daily DT progress notes and complete weekly House Manager progress notes timely. Be sure information is updated, not repeated weekly.
  1. Complete monthly recreation calendars, holiday activity schedules and school closing schedules as required. Complete 2 weeks prior to the target month or date.
  1. Assist with new client admissions as requested.
  1. Complete client monthly and quarterly possession inventories. Monitor clothing for appropriateness.  Assure clothing needs are adequate and in good repair. Change out clothing per seasons.
  1. Request client funds as necessary and appropriate. Make necessary purchases on behalf of the clients. Communicate with conservator as requested regarding purchases.
  1. Follow Mur-Ci Homes policy/procedures and lead subordinates to follow as well.
  1. Reconcile funds to receipts for purchases. You will be held accountable for discrepancies.
  2. Monitor staff coverage to assure overtime is reduced or eliminated.
  1. Monitor client possessions and supplies as appropriate. Investigate any theft.
  1. Conduct orientation and training as assigned. Complete DT Orientation checklists and submit within timelines.
  1. Conduct applicant interviews, hire and train DTs to build a team of productive staff.
  1. Monitor tardies and absences or other infractions and address per guidelines of the handbook.
  1. Monitor the house assigned van for status: cleanliness, gas, any concerns. Follow up as appropriate.
  1. Complete the End of Month Checklist and submit by the 5th of the next month.  Have QIDP review/initial before submitting to the Habilitation Coordinator.
  1. Complete and enter results of Field Trip reports for all outing assignments.
  1. Perform other duties as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS:   This position requires the ability to complete all requirements on the Developmental Technician job requirement.  Management experience is preferred.  A valid Tennessee drivers license is required.